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Essential Oils: The Secret Weapon To Healthy Hair 🌿

published12 months ago
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In The Beginning

In 2004, my mentor in holistic formulation introduced me to the world of essential oils. At that point I was so desperate to find a solution to my scalp issues that I was open to just about anything, and became a human sponge to the things she was teaching me.

Because of my medical conditions, I was being treated with conventional medications that caused many side effects. But treating the side effects with additional medication proved to be ineffective for my scalp, yet natural and preventative care was being overlooked.

As I started using essential oils to enhance a few hair care products that I personally used, the improvements to my hair and scalp were miraculous.

At this point I had been struggling with my scalp for over 10 years, and within one week the improvement was beyond what I had seen throughout that decade.

I had finally found the answer to my frustration, but I also became angry that this miracle had been kept hidden from the field of cosmetology.

There are no chapters on essential oils and natural remedies in our textbook and I've never seen a workshop available on the subject at the many hair shows I have attended. Why?

The History

For thousands of years, essential oils and other natural remedies were the only medicines available, proving themselves time and again in daily life. What worked for healers in the past can and should work just as well for us today.

Essential oils are beneficial to the body, the mind and spirit, and even your wallet. They are used to treat conditions ranging from anxiety to shingles as well as to increase overall well-being in a variety of ways.

But as with most things, you must learn how essential oils work, and how to properly use them. I have run across many clients that have found out about the power of essential oils and took it upon themselves to treat their hair and scalp with not so good results.

You can't just read about how peppermint or rosemary oil can stimulate hair growth without knowing how to blend or what to use to carry the oil. Just because something is all natural does not mean that it cannot injure you.

Poison oak and ivy are both natural, but I'll bet that you won't volunteer to go outside and roll around in it. Yet when it comes to using hair care products, many believe that if it's natural or doesn't contain a chemical, it's perfectly safe.

Education Is The Key

This I why I push education on product ingredients and essential oils so much. There's a plethora of products for hair and scalp available and without proper knowledge on what, when, and how, many products can cause a lifetime of issues.

So I'm determined! I'm going to keep hammering away and shouting from any mountaintop… education, education, education! Stop looking for that magic product to give you the results you're looking for and arm yourself with a little education.

Trust me…this is the miracle you've been looking for!

Next week I going to give you some facts and tips on essential oils and its uses.

Until then, don't take care, let God do that, just enjoy!

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